Important Things Every Beginner Woodworker Should Know

Woodworking happens to be my hobby and I have so much passion for it, but it took me some time to figure out few things on my own.

Decades ago when there was no internet, you could only get advice from a woodworker you know in real life if you’re looking for that. But gone are those days, because the internet is saturated with resources and discussion groups, where you can spend quality time discussing with other woodworkers.

You’ll certainly learn from these advice on what to expect if you’re new to woodworking or maybe you just want to build.

This is my personal opinion and experience, but if you’re an experienced woodworker, you can as well contribute by leaving a comment with an advice, for beginners to also learn.

  1. Don’t use nail always. Some people may think that woodworking is all about nails. Use glue at most times instead of nails.
  2. Start from making a square box. Once you can build a square box, every other thing will be easier for you to build.
  3. Start with a table saw. This is the most used tool in some woodworking shops.
  4. Practice and understand how to cut rabbets and dados. Through this, you can join boards together easily without fasteners.
  5. Recurring expenses. Understand that from time to time, you’ll spend money to buy screws, sandpaper, glue, drill bits, and wood. Be sure that your going into woodworking is due to a passion for creating your own piece, and certainly not to save money.
  6. Use plans for your work. It’s either you design your plan or download it.
  7. Take safety precautions.
  8. Understand that, if you can build a small project, it means you can build a big one.
  9. Don’t be obsessed with tools. If your target is to build different pieces, don’t spend too much time collecting tools. Only go for the most affordable woodworking tools.
  10. Wood changes color after some time. Woods such as Purple heart may be extremely beautiful and attractive at first sight, but will turn brown after some years.
  11. Ignore people who may want to bring down your morale as a woodworker by downgrading your piece, but always know that, if you complete projects made of wood successfully, then you’re a woodworker.
  12. Perfection is not possible. There is no project you’ll build without challenges.
  13. Always be proud of your piece without allowing mistakes to weigh you down.
  14. Paint your projects. There is nothing wrong with it.
  15. Use any space you can acquire without breaking the bank for a big space.
  16. If you encounter problems during woodworking, find creative solutions for them. You don’t need to start afresh.
  17. Sanding is very important as it adds beauty to your piece.
  18. Finally, experience is the bedrock of woodworking, and it’ll increase your success on projects more than anything else.

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