How 16,000 Woodworking Plans Saved Our Lives

Let me tell you a true story.

My father and I have been quietly building some unbelievable projects for our home and garden.

But it wasn’t always this way…

For years we struggled to find DIY woodworking plans that actually worked or made sense to recreational DIY woodworkers like ourselves. We lost thousands of dollars on expensive, unnecessary materials, and were driven mad by the frustration this brought.

The love had gone. Depression was seeping into our very beings.

A beautiful passion of creation and self-expression had instead become a viscous cycle of misery and despair. We felt like failures.

The truth was, it wasn’t really our fault at all. We just needed the right guidance. Something that could show us everything; step by step, in a clear and concise way, without costing the earth.

That’s when we discovered Ted’s Woodworking.

A mammoth bank of 16,000 diverse woodworking plans from shed plans to pergola plans with instruction so vivid, that it actually felt like master woodworker, Ted Mcgrath, was taking us by the hand and guiding our every step. Even after looking through a few of the woodworking blueprints, I knew my life had changed forever.

The love was back! In a BIG way. We felt elated and suddenly woodworking starting taking on new meaning.

In fact, Ted and his wood plans had such a profound effect on us that he inspired myself and my father to build an entire website about woodworking –

Pretty cool, right?!

What’s This Article All About?

Those of you who have visited our site before, “Hey!, How’s it Going?” Those of you who haven’t, “It’s Great to Have You With Us!”. Either way, we’re looking forward to helping you on your woodworking journey.

Part of that process is finding an honest, clear and inspiring collection of woodworking blueprints. We understand that this can be a bit of a painstaking process as there is a lot of junk online to filter through.

Rest assured, we are here to clear that up for you during the course of this article and reveal a true hidden gem.

So, I hear you ask, who is this guy called Ted and what are you actually going to get when you take Ted’s Woodworking Course?

Ted Mcgrath is nothing short of a wizard. He is a true master, award winning woodworker with over 40 years of experience. As if this wasn’t enough, Ted is as good a teacher as he is a woodworker; a rare combination that is without parallel in the industry.

After purchasing Ted’s Woodworking, you will have access to a variety of woodworking plans beyond your wildest dreams. Shed plans, table plans, chair plans, rocking horse plans, birdhouse plans, pergola plans, guitars, chicken coop plans, kitchen projects, knife block plans, fence plans dog house plans and so on…

I’m going to stop there as we would be here for hours if I named everything! You name it, it will be in there! Additionally, the database is constantly being updated so you’ll get access to thousands of extra plans each month!

You’ll NEVER need another resource again.

Not only these, but there are also precise, crystal clear follow along videos that will be suitable for completely beginner level woodworkers right up to advanced. Ted truly has your back and offers an unbelievable level of support and understanding. You will feel like he is right there with you!

You’re also going to save an enormous amount of money on woodworking materials after taking the course. Many people needlessly overspend or buy the wrong materials due to lack of knowledge. By discovering this article, this will now never again be a problem for you.

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Our Mission Statement and Promise To YOU as The Reader

We’d also like to point out that those who know us personally and our website will know that we take pride in the integrity of our information. Many sites online are just created with a million banner ads blinking at you, pushing useless products to try and convince you to buy something.

That is not what we are about on this site.

Personally, we couldn’t live with ourselves if we knew we were recommending useless information or items, so believe us when we say, Ted’s Woodworking truly is the real deal… His wood plans really are without parallel.

During your online research process, you may come across other reviews online saying, “Ted’s Woodworking is a scam”, or words to that effect.

However, such reviews are often done by competing companies or people with a very negative outlook on life that find cheap pleasure in “trolling” or “flaming” online. Such people will never find happiness.

Our experience with Ted’s Woodworking was nothing short of uplifting, so thank you Ted! We personally really enjoyed Ted’s shed plans, pergola plans and birdhouse plans, but whatever you are looking for, Ted’s wood plans have you covered!

Finally, was founded upon the spirit of true craftsmanship and Ted’s Woodworking delivers exactly that.

Happy Woodworking Everyone!

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Wishing you the very best in your woodworking endeavours and an amazing next woodworking project!

Tom ( Founder and Technical Director)

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